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Combhub proudly offers a wide selection of handmade wooden combs and horn combs for hair and beard. We also offer various styles of uniquely handmade wooden hair sticks and hair forks. The materials used in these products include buffalo horn, peachwood, boxwood, rosewood, green sandalwood, red sandalwood, brown sandalwood, black sandalwood and bamboo, with comb tooth space ranging from fine, medium, to wide and mixed.

Compared to plastic or metal hair combs or brushes, these naturally organic combs offer many known benefits, including reducing or eliminating hair static, absorbing and redistributing hair oils better, running and feeling softer and gentler through the hair, less or no hair snag, to name a few. Regular combing may improve circulation, promote healthier hair growth.

All of our combs and hair sticks are made with carefully selected materials going through numerous steps to achieve impressive workmanship. You will be pleased in the difference these hair accessories will bring.

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