Comb Care Instruction

1. Generally wooden combs and horn combs work well with oil, but they dislike water since water will soften the wood and change its color.

2. Prevent your wooden comb, horn combs or hair sticks from direct sun exposure, heat or excessive moisture. Direct sun exposure, heat or moisture may cause the comb to change shape or color.

3. Prevent your wooden comb, horn comb or hair sticks from dropping and other sudden impact (such as sudden bent). Like most wooden products, there is fragility associated with wood, dropping or sudden impact may break the products. Some of the wood, such as green sandalwood, has weighted feel such that a drop onto a hard surface may break the product.

4. Prevent leaving the product in water for a prolonged time, especially in warm water, warm water will accelerate the penetration of moisture into the wooden comb, horn comb or hair sticks. Dry them after wash or use on wet hair.

5. If your combs or hair sticks change shape, do not try to correct them by bending, this may break the comb or hair stick. Instead, use a heavy object to hold it flat for a day or two to correct them. If your horn comb or horn hair stick changes shape, you can use a hair blower to blow them for a few minutes (to soften them), then use a heavy object to hold them flat for a day or two.

6. The longer you use your wooden comb or horn comb, the smoother and shinier they will become.

7. Do not pull your comb too hard if your hair is tangled, detangle the hair gentle and slowly, pulling your comb hard may damage your hair, or may cause the comb to break. Use them with normal care and the product should last a long time.