CombHub Commitments:
1. All our wooden and horn products have been checked according to our guidelines and guaranteed to meet or exceed quality standards.
2. All items will be visually checked again for possible defect before shipping out to buyers.
3. All orders will be shipped within two days of payment clearance.
4. We will provide our customers with timely communication support before, during, and after transactions are made.

Notes on wood and horn products:

All photos are taken from stock items so there will be wood grain variance due to natural materials and differences between computer monitor settings. Also, please note that green sandalwood's color may change over time after item is exposed to light and moisture. It is normal for green sandalwood to change colors from brownish tones to greenish colors.
All wood and horn products have natural fragility because of the shapes and sizes of combs or hair sticks. Therefore, it is essential that they are handled and used too roughly. In terms of appearance and durability, most wood and horn products fare well with oil while they are susceptible to moisture and humidity. Here are a few additional tips for a longer product life:

1. Keep the wood or horn product dry. Use a dry cloth to dry it after washing or using the comb on wet hair.
2. Prevent dropping on a hard surface or a sudden bending force; these products have their inherent fragility and may break from one of the drops or sudden forces, especially for longer or wider items.
3. Keep the product away from excessive heat or direct prolonged sunshine. Heat and direct sun may cause the wood and horn to change shapes or composition.
4. Use the wood or horn comb in normal ways and with reasonable care, and they should last a long time.
5. Contact us with any questions or with any issues.