Benefit of using a Wooden Comb

1. Wooden combs are softer on hair and on scalp compared to a metal comb, horn combs are smoother on hair compared to a plastic comb. 

2. Because wood and horn naturally work well with oil, when you use a wooden comb or horn combs to comb your hair or beard, they will help to distribute oil evenly over the hair, for both original hair oil and oil from hair care product. 

3. Wood and horn have the quality of insulator in dry condition, they will not generate or worsen hair static situation like plastic and metal combs will. As a matter of fact, wooden comb has the property of reducing or eliminating hair static, while horn comb will not generate static itself, but it will not reduce or eliminate hair static where it exists. 

4. Besides looking good, combing hair daily may enhance the circulation in scalp and may help maintain a healthy shining hair. So using an organic comb to comb regularly is a healthy life habit that may maintains and promotes hair growth.

5. As a necessity, wooden combs will make a warm and nice gift idea for yourself and for someone you love.